America Biomass Technologies (ABT) is a Brazilian company specialised in the production of sugars, biofuels and chemical specialties from biomass such as agroindustrial waste generated by the forestry (eucalyptus) and sugarcane (bagasse and sugarcane straw) sectors. Its creation took place in 2012, based on the initiative of two Chemical Engineers with more than 25 years of academic and industrial experience in the fields of chemistry and biofuels.

The company is located in Piracicaba, São Paulo, with  subsidiaries in Recife (PE) and Porto Alegre (RS).

We speak the language of academia, R&D centers and companies. That is why we are interested in building a bridge network all over the world.



Research & Development

We share the daily reality of our customers. We make everything simple, practical and understandable. We know that success is guaranteed by efficiency, profitability and simplicity. That's why our solutions combine superior quality and lower costs. We are a qualified team, proactive and with high technical expertise.

Tailored solutions mean comfort and convenience to our customers. We apply our know-how and technical mastery with creativity to properly integrate production systems. We deeply understand adapted models and simulation tools, going deeply  through and into processes and production systems.

The Company's Development and Research activities are based on industrial processes, techniques and patented know-how that have been developed since 1997. We speak the language of academia, R&D centers and companies. That is why we build networking and partnerships with the most diverse S&T players worldwide.